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VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited is a US-based service that is generally thought to be a good all-rounder.It has various subscription plans,that become cheaper when consumers commit for a longer timeframe.The VPN has a wide choice of servers in 70 countries,and it provides OpenVPN encryption.However,WebRTC leaks will need to be plugged manually to make this VPN secure on IPv6 (straight IPv6 IP leaks on Mac OS X).Where speeds are concerned this VPN performs Okay - providing connection speeds that are good enough for streaming in HD.

亚博福彩3D.com Score 7.4out of 10

As with other VPN yabo福彩3Dproviders,VPN Unlimited have several subscription levels,with benefits and discounts proportionate to signup length.A nice thing about VPN Unlimited is that it unblocks popular streaming services such as Netflix US and BBC iPlayer.Also,potential subscribers can test the VPN using the 7-day money back guarantee.

VPN Stats
  • Server Locations70
  • Average Speed17.6Mbit/s
  • Simultaneous Connections10
  • JurisdictionUSA
  • Versatile: Servers in over 70 countries
  • Reasonable connection speeds
  • Custom VPN clients for all platforms
  • Great website with lots of blogs
  • Strong OpenVPN implementation
  • Connection logs kept
  • WebRTC leaks

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VPN Unlimited has changed its pricing scheme substantially since we last reviewed the service.Originally Keepsolid VPN Unlimited was a cheap VPN with a budget single month plan.Today,it is a service that conforms to a much more standard  VPN pricing scheme.

To be fair,it isn't expensive - especially if you commit for three years (which is definitely cheap at just $2.78 per month).However,at the equivalent of $5 per month on the yearly tariff (payable in a single installment of $59.99) it is definitely fair to call it averagely priced.

Supported Payment Platforms


This VPN yabo福彩3Dprovider accepts Paypal and credit card payments,in addition to Bitcoin payments if you prefer to pay more anonymously.The VPN also has a 7-day money back guarantee,which although not the most generous allowance we have ever encountered - is enough to thoroughly test the VPN.

Unblock Netflix?

The good news is that this VPN is above par when it comes to streaming.Our tests revealed that it is able to unblock Netflix US and BBC iPlayer,which is great.However,their support agent did explain that it is unable to unblock Netflix UK.However,this isn't really an issue - because it is much better to have access to the US catalog anyway.Access to Hulu is also available with this VPN's apps.

When it comes to accessing streaming sites like Putlockers,123 Movies,etc,this VPN works like a dream.And,because it provides adequate speeds for streaming - you should be able to watch content without too much buffering.


VPN Unlimited provides a well-rounded service in terms of features.Here is what subscribers get:

  • 400+ servers in 70 countries

  • Killswitch (Android,iOS,Windows,and Mac)

  • 10 simultaneous connections

  • No usage logs policy

  • Strong OpenVPN,L2TP/IPSec,and IKEv2 encryption

  • KeepSolid Wise (obfuscation for concealing VPN use and bypassing firewalls)

  • Unblock Netflix,Hulu,and iPlayer

  • P2P Torrenting permitted on selected servers

  • Outstanding iOS app (with OpenVPN and a killswitch)

  • Dedicated IPs (add on feature with an added cost)

  • Live chat support

  • 7-day money back guarantee

Speed and Performance

We test VPN speeds three times a day using our scientific server-based speed testing system.Our dedicated VPN-testing servers check the UK,US,Hong Kong,and Australian servers both for average download speeds and burst (top) speeds.Below you can see VPN Unlimited average download speeds for the last six months.

VPNUnlimited Speed

As you can see it is a stable VPN that provides good enough speeds for streaming in HD.While there are definitely faster VPNs on the market (some that are a little cheaper,too) this isn't a badly performing VPN.Average speeds of 17.

Most consumers do not complain of having speed problems with VPN Unlimited,which means that the VPN should perform more than adequately for most people's needs.If you do have particularly data-intensive requirements - you may want to test it using the 7-day money back guarantee - to make sure it can perform at the levels that you require.

IP,DNS,and WebRTC Leaks

We tested this VPN's desktop clients for IP leaks using the testing website ipleak.net.We detected no IPv4 leaks,IPv4 DNS leaks or IPv4 WebRTC leaks.

However,when we tested on an IPv6 connection we detected WebRTC leaks on Windows and Mac.Thus,in order to make this VPN secure on IPV6 connections,you will need to either disable IPv6 altogether or disable WebRTC (either in the browser itself or by using the Easy WebRTC Block extension for Chrome or Firefox).

In fact,when we tested the Mac client with an IPv6 we got straight IPv6 IP leaks in addition to WebRTC leaks,which is a pretty bad leak indeed!Again,you will need to plug this leak to ensure this VPN is creating safe tunnels on an IPv6 connection.

Although it is a bit of a shame that the VPN suffers an IPv6 leak,this is fairly common (because IPv6 is relatively new in the wild).The fact that IPv6 can be disabled with ease makes it much less problematic.However,it would be nice if VPN Unlimited made it more clear that any subscribers with an IPv6 connection must go out of their way to plug these problematic leaks.


VPN Unlimited is based in New York,which may put some people off the VPN yabo福彩3Dprovider.The US is generally thought to be a location that is bad for privacy because it is home to the NSA and the CIA.In addition,the US is a location where the authorities can serve tech firms (including VPNs) with a warrant and gag order.

This means VPN Unlimited could theoretically be forced to begin logging in secret (and even to log on its international servers and send that data back to the US).Although this is a genuine concern that may put some people off the service -  we have no reason to believe that VPN Unlimited has actually been forced to do this.So,for most people,the service is likely to provide more than adequate levels of privacy.

Although VPN Unlimited claims to have a zero-log policy on its website,the reality is that it does appear to keep extremely limited connection logs (bandwidth used).However,it claims not to ever store timestamps with IP addresses  - which means that this VPN can be considered extremely close to no-logs,and,more importantly - completely secure.

"We do not keep the logs of the websites our customers visit,we only store the data related to the amount of traffic downloaded by the user.This information is available to be viewed in his account only.Also,it is crucial to point out that every time a customer logs in to VPN Unlimited,系统分配动态ip地址。They are not static and there is no way that we can log the exact IP addresses or particular time stamps of VPN Unlimited customers."


VPN Unlimited is one of the few VPNs that provides OpenVPN on all four of the most popular platforms.OpenVPN is available natively on iOS,Android,Windows,and Mac OS X.This is truly outstanding,and means that you can use it securely on any device.VPN Unlimited does not provide PPTP encryption on any of its platforms,and both L2TP/IPSec and IKEv2 (the other protocols it provides) are known to be secure.

Here is how OpenVPN encryption is implemented:

  • AES-256-CBC/GCM,SHA1 for HMAC authentication,and an RSA-2048 handshake.

  • Perfect forward secrecy is provided with Diffie-Hellman (DH) with a 4096-bit key.

The SHA1 authentication is the weakest part of this protocol,but it is still considered secure enough to provide digital privacy at this moment in time.This means that the VPN Unlimited implementation of the OpenVPN protocol is considered secure.

Customer Service

VPN Unlimited has the choice of either 24/7 live chat support or a ticket system for asking a question via email.We found VPN Unlimited staff to be extremely knowledgeable.In addition,the team was able to contact secondary tech support agents quickly (and during the conversation) in order to get us the more techy information we desired.

VPN Unlimited also has an information page on its website,this includes a blog,an FAQ section,and setup 亚博彩票投注guides for getting the VPN going on various platforms.These resources are all a great addition to the service,which definitely gets 5/5 from us for support.

User Experience

VPN Unlimited has a website that is easy to navigate and that provides a lot of useful information.Details about how it implements its encryption can be found on the website (though it does make those details slightly confusing by accident).Subscribing to the VPN is also easy,and the software is easy to access and install without any issues.

One thing we did notice,is that VPN Unlimited has five trackers on its website,including facebook.net,yandex.ru,and google-analytics.

Windows app

The Windows client for VPN Unlimited is an excellent client that is fully featured with a killswitch and OpenVPN encryption.In addition,users can connect using the VPN's proprietary protocol KeepSolid Wise (TCP or UDP).This protocol is said to be extremely secure but also only "moderate" performance wise.

The fact that KeepSolid Wise comes with UDP or TCP makes it pretty obvious that it is actually OpenVPN.So I decided to press its support agent who confirmed that it is OpenVPN over port 443 for concealing VPN use as HTTPS.This is what the agent told me:

"Thanks to using the TCP 443 and UDP 443 ports,and with the OpenVPN protocol forming its backbone,it is much more encrypted and  becomes extremely difficult to detect and block."

What is confusing about this,is that obfuscated OpenVPN is actually usually TCP over port 443 (not UDP over port 443 which would stick out like a sore thumb if the traffic was inspected).Thus,we are at a loss to understand why they even have UDP as an option for the KeepWise protocol.They should only actually have TCP and UDP as an option on OpenVPN.If you do intend to use obfuscation stick to TCP!

Finally,it is worth noting that OpenVPN TCP over port 443 is not a high-end obfuscation method (such as Stunnel,Xor,or Obfsproxy).Thus,it seems extremely misleading for VPN Unlimited to be giving OpenVPN TCP over port 443 the proprietary name "KeepSolid Wise" - there is nothing proprietary about it.

Overall,I found this to be a client that works well and has all the important features necessary for gaining digital privacy.Thus,we can recommend this Windows VPN for doing tasks such as Torrenting via P2P.However,it is also worth bearing in mind that VPN Unlimited only permits torrenting on five servers: US-California 1,Canada-Ontario,Romania,Luxembourg,and France.

Mac OS X app

The Mac OS X app does not differ greatly from its Windows counterpart.OpenVPN encryption is available and users can elect to use OpenVPN TCP or UDP over port 443 (KeepSolid Wise protocol) to conceal VPN traffic as regular HTTPS.IKEv2 is also available from within the client.

A killswitch is available in the client,which means that this VPN is good for downloading via BitTorrent Peer to Peer (P2P).However,as is the case on Windows,Torrenting is only permitted on five server locations.

We liked the fact that the app showed me the workload percentage on each server;allowing me to pick a server that was suffering from less congestion.

Sadly,when we tested this VPN on IPv6 connection we suffered straight IPv6 IP leaks as well as IPv6 WebRTC leaks.This is pretty bad and means that you will need to completely disable IPv6 to make this VPN work securely.

Android app

The Android client is an easy to use app that gives users the option to connect using IKEv2,OpenVPN and KeepSolid Wise (OpenVPN TCP or UDP over port 443) protocols are also available.In addition,a Killswitch is available on this platform.

Auto connect on WiFi feature allows people to stay safe as they move around and use public WiFi;this stops them from accidentally connected to an untrusted (and unprotected) WiFi hotspot (such as an evil twin hotspot belonging to a criminal).

A Trusted networks feature is available on mobile versions,which allows people to whitelist networks that are known to the VPN user.This is a pretty impressive list of features for a mobile VPN app.

iOS app

The iOS app for VPN unlimited gives users the choice of IKEv2,OpenVPN,and KeepSolid Wise (TCP and UDP) protocols.This is good,and the inclusion of OpenVPN on iOS is excellent;because it is pretty rare.

Users also get the addition of a feature called Connect on Demand,which is basically a killswitch (but that will only work while connected via the IKEv2 protocol).To turn it on follow these steps:

  • Go to your iOS Home screen > Settings > VPN > Tap on a blue info icon of VPN Unlimited profile > enable Connect On Demand.

Final thoughts

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is a VPN that is a good all-rounder.Anybody looking for a VPN that is solid in terms of encryption and connection speeds won't go far wrong with VPN Unlimited,and it is fair to say that it is a relatively well-priced service that can not be considered expensive.

This VPN falsely advertises itself as no logs,which is untrue because it does keep some limited bandwidth logs.However,those logs are minimal and they do not include IP addresses next to time stamps.This means that the VPN is very close to a no logs VPN,and we consider it completely secure in terms of privacy.

As far as connection speeds are concerned,this VPN is nothing to phone home about.However,average downloads over a six month period demonstrate that it is a VPN that will have no problems streaming in HD,which is good.We also really like the fact that this VPN can provide access to on-demand streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix US.

Finally,this VPN is not too expensive,and,if you subscribe for three years,it becomes extremely cheap.However,as is always the case,we somewhat recommend against buying a lifetime subscription - as there is no way of telling how long this VPN might actually hang around for.On the other hand,the lifetime subscription is pretty cheap - so even if the VPN stays in business for 5 years more it would be a bargain - so perhaps an argument in favor can be made.

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Written by:Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh is no.1 VPN & no.4 Internet Privacy authority in the world according to rating website Agilience.com.Ray's expert digital privacy opinions have appeared in The Express,Washington Post,Market Watch,Threat Post,and CNET to name a few.


  1. Aiman

    onAugust 7,2018

    Just wondering if there are any improvement in terms of security and privacy.

    1. Ray Walsh replied to Aiman

      onAugust 8,2018

      As far as I am aware the privacy issues remain with this service.

  2. Enrico

    onMay 8,2018

    I've used VPN Unlimited about a year.Speed is good but there have been all kind of privacy issues and there still is.They removed dns firewall which was blocking ads,malware and tracking but also leaking dns.Their Chrome extension leaks dns.Ipv6 is leaking your ISP address if you've ipv6 enabled because VPN Unlimited uses ISP's ipv6 address to open or downloading ipv6 content.This is annoying because Windows 10 (1803) re-enables ipv6 automatically if you have disabled it from adapter.You've to disable ipv6 in system level and this affects to other internet traffic.They are logging - is VPN Unlimited nothing more than a filter to cut off 10 % or more of your internet speed?

  3. Sanjay

    onApril 22,2018

    I was using Tor Gaurd found this VPN Unlimited deal and just wanted to try it,The speeds are much better than TOR guard and Nord VPN,I almost forget that im connected using VPN service.As of now,Netflix US is working fine and speed is a lot better than NordVPN Netflix servers.Killswitch is only the issue for me.

  4. Mina

    onMarch 24,2018

    The windows client kinda sucks.Just connecting takes ages compared to many other vpn services I've used.

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